Mani Cane Furniture MCF, Started in the year 1975. Now they are 7-10 workers are working. We are always using FIRST QUALITY cane for preparing cane furniture products. We are the first service warranty provider for cane furniture products. We are always focusing customer satisfaction not just winning the order. We have done many projects like Kalakshetra, Sparsa Resort, Wild Amazon Restaurant, Kabila Dasa Restaurant, Stumps Hotel, Uttar Bhojan and so on.

More than 40 years, Mani Cane Furniture has been providing quality home and office furnishings to Chennai and South India residents. We stand behind our products, are constantly monitoring the latest trends, and will do whatever we can for you to go home satisfied. Our sales associates are happy to help you to choose the best in contemporary furniture to fit your style and budget. Come in and see us, you won't be disappointed!